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iAiming Smart Thermal Rifle Scope Launches in Australia

June 21, 2021

iAiming has partnered with NIOA, Australia’s largest supplier of firearms, hunting optics, ammunition, and shooting accessories, to launch its range of Smart Thermal Rifle Scopes to the Australian market. The iAiming Smart Thermal Rifle Scope was developed by UNIWIN SMART PTY LTD and features a globally patented First Shot Sight-in feature throughout its entire product line. This feature is designed to provide an affective, automated sight-in process. iAiming’s artificial intelligence utilises a single dial to access the on-board menu system. First Shot Auto Zero technology saves time and ammunition and does not rely heavily on the shooter’s ability or prior experience. This innovative technology has greatly improved the products usability and is a revolutionary step in rifle scope development. The iAiming Smart Thermal Rifle Scope represents a giant leap forward when compared to existing products available on the global market. The company is demonstrating how thermal rifle scopes can be designed to be a more effective hunting tool. The iAiming Smart Thermal Rifle Scope can see into the dark where conventional optics are ineffective. This unique ability makes it a most useful addition to any hunting expedition.

“We are very pleased that our brand is partnering with NIOA, who will be marketing iAiming’s products in Australia and distributing through its Australia wide dealer network.. We believe that our products will bring better results and experiences to many hunters and farmers. With iAiming’s creative innovation and First Shot Zero—anyone, anywhere, anytime can achieve one shot zero, in one minute. No helper is needed, no tools are required, the task has been simplified for the shooter. No more wasted ammunition or wasted time and no experience is required. With iAiming’s single scroll knob operation, there is one simple menu, which makes controlling the thermal rifle scope so easy even when wearing gloves. The on-board menu will assist you to choose the right option every single time. We have full confidence in our collaboration with NIOA, and we have full confidence in the Australian market,” says Chairman Bian, the founder of iAiming brand.

iAiming products are widely used in outdoor and hunting applications and are also deployed in professional fields such as public security, electricity, water, transportation, geological exploration, bushfire prevention, driving assistance and healthcare. They are leaders in key aspects of artificial intelligence, low-power consumption and image processing algorithms.

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