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iAiming PRO Redefine the Smart Thermal Rifle Scope and First Debut in Australia

August 22, 2023

August 2023, Australia: The iAiming smart thermal rifle scope was successfully launched in the Australian market in 2021. It has quickly taken over the market and is loved by many Australian consumers. After more than a year of continuous development and testing, iAiming PRO – Second generation will be the first debut in Australia. iAiming continues to work with NIOA, Australia’s largest supplier of firearms, hunting optics, ammunition, and shooting accessories, to launch its range of iAiming PRO – Second generation Smart Thermal Rifle Scopes to the Australian market.

iAiming Pro- Smart Thermal Rifle Scopes includes the iA-312 PRO, iA-612 PRO and iA-612 LRF. iAiming’s second generation products are designed with the current popular Daylight scope shape and the top one iA-612 LRF also adds a laser rangefinder. Compared with the first-generation products, the second generation of iAiming products not only have a disruptive change in appearance but also have a great improvement in technical specifications and overall performance. First of all, iAiming Pro all use 12μm uncooled infrared focal plane sensor and the housings are all made of high-strength aluminum alloy. iA-612 PRO and iA-612 LRF have 640×512 (12μm) sensors with NETD less than 30mK and a new objective lens with F50/1.0. The display resolution is AMOLED HD 1024×768 and the recording format is .mp4. iAiming Pro Smart Thermal Rifle Scopes can be used during day and night with excellent results. In total darkness you can see a mouse moving 100 meters away, while the iAiming Pro can detect a human figure up to 2600 meters away. The new Pro model has greatly improved foreground and background detail.

“The core component of any thermal imaging device is the sensor. iAiming’s second generation products all use 12μm uncooled infrared focal plane detector chips. Smaller pixel pitch and larger surface arrays are the way forward for thermal imaging technology, with a core metric of NETD less than 30mK. 12μm will further drive thermal imaging technology to gain a wide range of applications, from observation to security surveillance, autonomous driving, IoT, artificial intelligence vision systems, etc.

In addition, iAiming’s entire product line features the world’s patented first-shot targeting capability. With iAiming’s creative innovation and First Shot Zero—anyone, anywhere, anytime can achieve one shot zero, in one minute. No helper is needed, no tools are required, the task has been simplified for the shooter. No more wasted ammunition or wasted time and no experience is required. With iAiming’s single scroll knob operation, there is one simple menu, which makes controlling the thermal rifle scope so easy even when wearing gloves. The on-board menu will assist you to choose the right option every single time.” says Chairman Bian, the founder of iAiming brand.

iAiming Smart Thermal Rifle Scope represents a giant leap forward when compared to existing products available on the global market. The company is demonstrating how thermal rifle scopes can be designed to be a more effective hunting tool. The iAiming Smart Thermal Rifle Scope can see into the dark where conventional optics are ineffective. This unique ability makes it a most useful addition to any hunting expedition.

iAiming products are widely used in outdoor and hunting applications and are also deployed in professional fields such as public security, electricity, water, transportation, geological exploration, bushfire prevention, driving assistance and healthcare. They are leaders in key aspects of artificial intelligence, low-power consumption and image processing algorithms.

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